The aim of urban planning is to create a green and urban living environment as a link between cultural identity on the one hand and concrete quality of life and work on the other. In the sense of a further building of the city instead of its reconstruction, existing qualities and building forms are drawn together to create a new piece. A successful handover of the baton between the founding traditions of the city districts, which have become the preferred residential areas today, and our time creates a new path for tomorrow's urban development. The connection between public and private space and the zoning of the transitions meet the demand for the creation of experience spaces and independence for all forms of encounter between the inhabitants. The functioning structures in this neighbourhood determine the type and scale of the architecture.

At the heart of this design is the embedding of the new quarter as a dense and compact form of living on an urban wasteland in a functioning urban ensemble, the eastern ring area. The special character and the location of the site lead to an internal situation that is already present in the neighbourhood. In the design and dimensioning of this interior space lies the urban development possibility of giving the quarter identity and atmosphere. A private block inverted, a residential area to breathe a sigh of relief. Two large forms are placed next to each other, each of which is accessed separately. Noise-intensive through traffic is avoided. In a natural way, a traffic-calmed zone is created with a corresponding design: multi-party houses in gardens stand on a boulevard-like street space. The street functions as a living space and lies in two tracks under a leaf canopy. Nine-metre deep front gardens spatially enclose the street and create privacy and tranquillity for the ground floor apartments, which are especially designed for family living with garden use.

Am Giersberg, Braunschweig

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