The Marsilius-Arkaden, built in 2016 on the grounds of Heidelberg University Hospital, can trace their origins back to an EU-wide investor competition, which was won by EPPLE Projekt GmbH in 2007; the complex comprises a two-storey base structure and three different-sized towers and serves as a key interface between the skyscrapers of the Neckarvorland area, the other hospital buildings, and the Heidelberg University guesthouse.

The two-storey base structure, with arcade, on the east side serves as a pivotal north–south link from the cafeteria to the river Neckar. It is also home to large, high-footfall spaces such as seminar and conference rooms, an ecumenical meeting place, the cafeteria and the premises of the Marsilius Kolleg (a pillar of the Excellence Initiative).

The 10- to 13-storey towers accommodate apartments for University Hospital staff, office spaces for researchers and the Marsilius Kolleg, and student apartments. The underground car park and the necessary equipment rooms are located in the basement, which runs below the majority of the site. The south tower includes an ecumenical facility for the two main churches, as well as University Hospital apartments; the north tower comprises Marsilius Kolleg Heidelberg, the University Hospital’s centre for information and medical technology, and additional apartments for the University. The offices and conference rooms found in the west tower are used by employees and researchers of Heidelberg University Hospital. Residential use is restricted solely to student living and apartments for University staff.

During the eight-year development and construction phase, we worked with a financial services provider to develop a leasing model for the two primary users – Heidelberg University Hospital and Heidelberg University – who are buying back the building over a 25-year period, making it possible to calculate the investment costs.

By coming in at approx. 7% below projected construction costs and meeting the schedule, we were able to set a new milestone in terms of cooperation between public clients/users and investors.

Marsilius Arkaden, Heidelberg

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