At the southern entrance to the new city quarter "St Leonhards Garten", the planned development of the eastern side of the street connects the existing quarter with the new development.

Resembling the shape of an hourglass, the newly created square at the confluence with Georg-Westermann-Allee and the central street square are placed in relation to each other via the rejuvenation of Bennemannstraße.

The architectural idea of the buildings grows out of these urban contexts as an appropriate reaction to the respective urban context: vertical, up-and-coming and present orders to the plaza expansions and horizontal, dynamic and connecting orders on the street. As a result, the orientation of the facades of the two large buildings changes according to the respective building structures, while the central building, which is significantly smaller in terms of mass, stays in its symmetrical arrangement. The superimposition of architectural order and cubature creates an overall balanced composition of coordinated building masses. In the positive sense, the facades are planned to be architecturally timeless in dark red brick with light plaster elements; the windows are planned with light brown wood or aluminium surfaces. A simple but worthy appearance as a contribution to sustainable urban architecture.

The housing concepts meet the different requirements of potential users: mixed, generation-spanning living. Apart from the apartments on the mezzanine floor, all apartments are accessible for the disabled. Different apartment sizes make it possible to meet different needs: Families with children, older couples or people living alone. The raised ground floor level enables pleasant living on the mezzanine floor; in addition, the associated underground car park can be lowered. The garage and the garden are landscaped in a park-like manner with a qualitative open space concept. In addition to private tenant gardens, which are directly assigned to the ground floor apartments, at ground level, communal areas are created as an offering to the residents of the building.

St. Leonhard’s Garten, Braunschweig

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