Stadtquartier langer Kamp

Redevelopment of the two hectare clinic ground to an urban living accommodation for generation-general living.

The example for the conversion of the “clinic-area Gliesmaroder Straße” in Braunschweig is derived directly from the existing high qualities: to the existing park with his impressive stock of trees. The aim is to get as far as possible this urban green belt, to strengthen and to understand as a specific position favour of the new environment, comparably, for example, with English models of the Georgian Urbanism, stamped by clear town planning figures and collective representative green belts.

The property is marked furthermore by his position, directly in the crossing of the founder-temporal city extension " eastern ring area " and the " university campus north " with its office equipments and research equipments. It is aimed to integrate the new living accommodation and commercial accommodation for the purposes of the other building of the city into the surrounding structures and to network to reach so a mutual Benefit: the new accommodation with his(its) half-public areas as an offer of the existing building on the one hand, and the reference possibly on extremely well formed Göttingstraße or the admission of the flight in Hans-Sommer-Straße to the education of a gate situation, on the other hand.

For the purposes of the example above, a concise and clearly readable town planning basic structure is developed which gets inside the broadminded and spacious parking area. Is enclosed and is framed these residential buildings storey from 4-5 which form a clear conclusion to the adjacent street spaces and mediate equally to the neighbouring construction structures and street typologies, integrate themselves of course town planning, and complete the surrounding townscape. Multi-dwelling buildings and townhouses are suggested as a civil living form which integrate themselves visibly into the big town planning form.

Stadtquartier Langer Kamp, Braunschweig

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