The demand for high-quality, affordable living space in the city centre and the quality of life associated with it is growing all the time. The dynamic city of Wolfsburg is breaking new ground in several respects with the development of the newly planned residential quarter of Hellwinkel: topics such as social intermixing, sustainable ecology, quality design, etc. are considered here in a consistent totality and with a high integrative standard and demanded equally.

At the southern edge of the new quarter, directly on the edge of the forest, a "string of pearls" of solitary residential skyscrapers is being created, which, with its point-shaped construction, permanently guarantees the view and path relationship of the quarter to the impressive tree population. The project proposed here for Block M sees itself first and foremost as part of the new quarter, a building block of the city. Integrated into the above-mentioned urban development system, the colour and material specifications agreed for the entire quarter will be implemented in terms of both structural design and exterior design..

An appropriate urban architectural language is proposed. A grid system continued from the brick base develops through deliberate disturbances and additions into a varied facade arrangement that refers to the highly flexible floor plan possibilities in the inner structure. The result is a widely spread apartment mix ranging from a two–room apartment to a five–room loft. On the upper floors, the offer is rounded off by two-storey maisonette apartments. All apartments have spacious loggias, which can optionally be converted into a protected winter garden by means of glazing. The building mass is structured in a varied way by means of caesuras and recesses and, with its differentiated height staggering, conveys it to the surrounding buildings. The community idea of the neighbourhood development is gratefully adopted in the development concept: a generous semi-public lobby, various garden uses and the Sky-Garden on top, which is accessible to all residents of the house, promote common coexistence and a binding affiliation to house and quarter.

Hellwinkel, Wolfsburg

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