MAG had already acquired the site, which is located in a unique location at the beginning of Winterhafen, where the Main flows into the Rhine, in 2010 and developed it to construction maturity.

After EPPLE Holding GmbH became a shareholder in MAG, they jointly modified the project development and maximised the project, architecturally and economically. In doing so, we eliminated both the complex underground car park and the second staircase as well as the GFZ specified in the development plan with an additional fully staggered exploited storey and thus the space efficiency increased.

The project was built and the commercial and residential units were fully marketed before completion. The Heimat.Hafen – a residential building located closer to the water than any other at Winterhafen – underlines the spirit of the environment and the partnership between a municipal and a private real estate company with its powerful design language based on the shape of a Rhine ship.

Heimat.Hafen, Mainz

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